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Australian Football Coach Match Engine ScreenshotAustralian Football Coach Match Engine ScreenshotAustralian Football Coach Match Engine Screenshot

Australian Football Coach, a PC video game, allows you to take control of your favorite Aussie Rules team and manage them to glory. The game includes all of the latest rules and features for the 2014 season. Australian Football Coach puts you in control of your team's destiny!

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  • Watch the game play out in front of you
  • Choose the tactics which will best win you the game
  • Interchange players wisely as they fatigue
  • Statistical charts help you figure out what's going on where on the field
  • Adjust to the ground sizes of over 40 different stadiums
  • Climate data from all the cities hosting major games around Australia and New Zealand create realistic weather and pitch conditions

  • Over 800 players in the database
  • Play with purely fictional players for a new challenge
  • Redraft each team at the start of the game or have a fictional player draft
  • View game-by-game, season or career statistics at all levels of the game
  • Hire the best scouts to figure out which prospects will develop into the next superstar
  • Players develop "naturally" without fixed potential, allowing players to peak early, develop later in life, or play until they're ancient
  • Training module makes you decide between resting your players for the next match or improving their skills and risking injury
  • Dynamic injury model and injury lists lets you promote a top rookie when your star gets hurt
  • Awards include top goalscorer, player of the week, young player of the week, most valuable player, player's association player of the year, and best and fairest for each club in the game

List Management
  • Navigate the offseason, including restricted and unrestricted free agency
  • Dynamic player valuation model means you can get bargains - or wildly overpay
  • Place your injured players on the injury reserve list
  • Draft the stars of the lower leagues
  • Delist a player? Get him back in the re-entry draft
  • Pick the best players in the rookie draft
  • Make space for the players on your rookies list - they just may get their chance to shine
  • Do your best to stay under the salary cap by adding players to veterans lists
  • Renew your players' contracts or delist them if they're pants
  • Realistic list lodgement timelines
  • Father-son rule
  • Dynamic trade module - team list managers decide whether they're rebuilding, going for the title, or somewhere in between, and adjust accordingly

  • Enter a dynamic world of coaching - lose too often and get fired
  • Start at a lower club and apply for your dream job - you just might get it
  • Set training schedules to both improve your players - and rest them up for the big match
  • Manage player fatigue and match fitness
  • Take control of a reserves team and select the best from those not playing in the national league that week while also assembling the best top-ons

  • Hire scouts and send them out to collect information on players
  • Scouts gauge a player's future ability - and can often be incorrect

League Administration
  • All current league structures as of start of 2014 including 18 teams and double-byes
  • Coachable state and development leagues as well as the national league
  • Custom league creation module - create your own fictional leagues of up to 24 teams
  • Customizable bye weeks and finals
  • Advanced users can edit league files with a text editor
  • Play as many seasons as your computer's memory will let you!